Organizing exhibitions, conferences and events

We make all the arrangements and set up the workshops for the occasion and distribute the tasks to each party according to specialization.

Execution of exhibitions, conferences and events

We have a large and experienced team working in the organization, which is capable of implementing the event with ease and ease.

Execution of decoration and wooden works

We have a team of engineers, technicians, decorators, installation technicians and workers, to achieve leadership in the implementation of events and opportunities for the participating parties.


The company has a high quality lighting equipment and lighting engineers with the competence and experience in the field in order to satisfy customer's desire to form the image that he wants.

the sound

The company is working on the latest audio equipment of high quality and performance and a team of efficient and experienced in the field of sound engineering to achieve the best performance in events and events.


With its great impact on the occasion whether through screens or brochures For this reason, the Foundation of the homeland is characterized by showing events and events in a way that is consistent with it


Make lists of the volunteers and send invitations to them both inside Saudi Arabia and abroad.


We offer registration services either by setting up a site for the occasion with the latest equipment and trained staff of both sexes.

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